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First Entry 25.11.22

The idea of this blog is more of about progression on my journey towards art and to keep what is essentially a personal journal. I don't expect anyone to read this day in and day out, but I wanted a place to see those day-to-day changes in my life for myself.

Main Goal

Creation outside of spreadsheets

The main goal is to move away from my current life position in regards to work, I currently work in accounting. I want to do more with my time and create (outside of spreadsheets), first for myself but if money follows then I will grab the oppurtunity with both hands.

Small personal goals build towards this main goal and I believe chunking in this way will help with achievement of the overall goal.

Smaller Goals

Learning how to be an artist

Learning about art from the position of an adult beginner. I grew up thinking artistic ability was something I was born with and because I was better than my most of my peers up until age fifteen, this mentality became ingrained in my being. I went away from art in favour of video games. I always thought I could return and just do amazing things upon returning, I didnt realise how much time I truly wasted until I tried to draw from my imagination. Then I realised, I needed help. Luckily art tutorials reccomended works by artist whomst books helped bring back my joy for art and the spark that started the idea of this journey: Andrew Loomis.

Chartered accountancy

This seemed counter-intuitive to me upon first thought, but when I worked through the process in my head I realised it will help with my long term goal of living just from my art. I dislike thinking in terms of money but it is a thing that must be addressed and emotions can cloud the situation. I want to finish my qualification to increase my income and pay off my house, once paid off the income situtation becomes a different ballgame and I can decrease my hours of work across the board, this would allow me to spend more time doing what I truly love.

Learning how to learn

When I read Loomis's works for the first time, I rememeber wondering why I had never heard of him or even reference to his methods despite doing art for 5 years in school. I then realised how little I truly gained from my learning experience from school in regards to art.

Currently exploring how to learn to my fullest in a total sense, not just art.

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